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work it out

reasons to

increase mental alertness

vetiver is a highly concentrated oil that is pulled from the roots of the vetiver plant. It has shown to decrease mental fatigue in some, which can increase your alertness and ability to keep yourself on task. It is also thought to have the potential to increase brain function. 

antioxidant protection

using any kind of topical products with vetiver are thought to increase production of antioxidants, which attack "free radicals" in your body that can cause harm. This can help your skin fight signs of aging.

promote mental wellness

in some studies, it has been noted that after inhaling the vetiver scent, subjects became noticeably more relaxed. this increase in relaxation could also have a positive effect on reducing anxiety.


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feel the pulse

reasons to

improves circulation

cinnamon has blood thinning agents that can improve circulation. Better circulation allows you to get blood pulsing throughout your body. cinnamon is also an aphrodisiac and can arouse desire as well as stimulate the libido.

promotes hair growth

when used over time, cinnamon has been seen to improve circulation, which can bring the right nutrients to the hair follicles.

slows signs of aging

advanced glycation end products (AGE) is a process that can cause wrinkles and amplify sun damage. cinnamon has been shown to slow this process down, which can save the skin from developing wrinkles and showing signs of sun damage.

show the love

reasons to

hydrating facial skin and curls

bergamot has been found to be especially gentle on the skin and as a softener for curls.It can also be especially soothing on a dry scalp.

anti inflammatory

when used on skin with acne, the natural anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties can help prevent acne from occurring on the skin. this makes it especially good as a natural skin cleanser.

mood boosting

bergamot is known to affect a calming mood when used for aromatherapy. it also acts as a positive support of the nervous system by soothing anxiety and calming your mind.

get it wet

reasons to

hydrating facial skin

cedarwood has been found to have a calming effect on dry skin; it has been successful in reducing the inflammation and dryness of skin conditions, like eczema.

promoting hair growth

when used over time, cedarwood has been shown to stimulate hair follicles; this can promote hair growth and help to slow hair loss... it has even been successful in treating patients with alopecia.

maintaining healthy skin

cedarwood is a natural anisthetic and can help the skin prevent the development of harmful microorganisms. it can be used to keep the skin clean and healthy.

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