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a beard is easy on your skin

The act of shaving opens the pores on your face. When they are open, it can let bacteria in, which can cause infections. shaving also helps spread the bacteria around. If you are growing your beard, you will not be shaving and the pores will not be opened.


a beard can block UV rays and protect your skin

Studies have shown that a beard can block up to 95% of UV rays from the sun. That means having a beard can help to protect your skin from sunburn and skin cancer. Less sunlight means fewer wrinkles!


a beard filters pollutants

Pollutants that travel through the air can get into your system through your mouth, causing colds and allergies. A beard filters all of these pollutants and keeps the bad stuff from getting into your system- leading to better health!


it's preferred

In a study of preferences, men and women were asked to rate photos of the same men in various stages of growing a beard. As the beard grew, the man in the photo was rated with a more positive viewpoint. They were thought to look more mature, more attractive, and healthier as the beard got fuller.




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