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quarantine beard game

Special delivery... bearded essentials delivered today... thanks @beardeddesamour... just cause I can't leave the house doesn't mean I need to neglect my beard.

andrew desamour

You might want to forewarn your significant other in advance and be prepared for the added attention you'll receive. I found out the hard way...

machumu freeman


When I started growing this quarantine beard I didn't even think about taking care of it. Luckily now I have a beard guy.

george dennis

For most of my adult life I have had facial hair; but it was not until I decided to grow my beard a bit more until I really started learning to take care of it. This made a whole new world for me in terms of the routine I used to take care of my beard. I decided to start making my own products so that I could share my knowledge and "pogonophile" status with other people like me, who were learning how to care for their beards.

Welcome to the club- I hope you are as excited as I am to take this new journey in learning with the us!


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