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Spotlight: The founder

I cannot tell you exactly why I decided to grow my beard out... all I can say is that, once I started to let it grow, I was hooked. That is not to say that I knew how to care for it; I spent many hours perfecting my own routine and styling methods until I found one that worked. As I learned more about beard care, I found out that caring for your skin is just as important as your shape up. I started something new and my beard became my signature. I started having people stop me asking questions about how I got my beard to look as good as it did. The answer was simple- it's all in the routine. What was a little more difficult for me was how I could share more with people than just my knowledge; and Desamour, LLC. was born.

I spent some time finding the right people and we started mixing some new products. When I became my first "client" I was able to see, firsthand, how much of a difference it makes when your products are mixed by hand without additives and all the extra ingredients that are in a lot of products out there. Suddenly, what I was using (mixed specially for me) was beating out any other competition for me and I had to share it! I am so happy that you have decided to join the club. With Desamour Beard Essentials, you can be satisfied knowing that your beard is well taken care of. After all, I would never sell something I would not

use myself. Welcome to the club!


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